About Vinte

Vinte is a vertically integrated home builder, with a focus on profiability, operating throughout the entire housing industry value chain, including land acquisition, obtaining authorizations and feasibilities, urbanization, design, construction and commercialization of housing, as well as the promotion of life in community. Vinte participates in the Affordable Entry-Level, Middle-Income and Residential housing segments in Mexico.

Additionally, Vinte has been dedicated to develop a new concept of integral communities for more than 15 years, where our clients have access to infrastructure, roads and educational facilities, shopping centers and recreational areas strategically distributed and harmoniously integrated into the existing urban fabric, as well as connectivity services, sustainable housing technology and community development that allows its residents to enjoy a higher quality of life.

The stock of VINTE Viviendas Integrales, S.A.B. de C.V., registered at the Registro Nacional de Valores (National Securities Registry) of the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (National Banking and Securities Commission). Vinte was constituted on August 16, 2001 in Mexico City for an indefiite period. The Company is currently organized as a Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable (Publicly-traded Corporation) domiciled at Avenida Vía Real Manzana 16, Lote 1, Local 2, Fraccionamiento Real del Sol, State of Mexico, Mexico. Zip Code 55770 and RFC number (Federal Taxpayer Registry) VVI-010822-BF6.

Our purpose

In Vinte we aspire that everyone has a life as it should be, where people care for each other and for the other environment, developing their maximum potential.