Materiality and Preparation

Vinte prepared its fist Sustainability Report dated May 31, 2018, covering a one-year period starting on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2017.

Vinte has prepared this report with reference to GRI 2016 standards. We expect to gradually align with GRI best practices and standards for the next few years. For its preparation in a PDF and interactive version, we received advice from IRDesign, Communication and Design, who guided us and will continue to guide its development for later years.


For the verifiation of this report, the following letters are presented:


Redes Sociales

Letter of Verifiation of Redes Sociales on GRI methodological compliance

See letter


Letter of Verifiation of Vert on GRI methodological compliance

See letter


Report of the External Auditor on fiancial information

See Inform

As a result of this fist exercise, we did not have a materiality study to defie the topics of the report. IRDesign, expert in the preparation of Annual Reports, held meetings with the Finance team, responsible for the preparation of Vinte’s reports (during the preparation of this report), and defied the relevant aspects to be discussed according to their importance for the company, defiing the following key relevant topics:

  • Executive Profie of the Company
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability Model
  • Social Value
  • Environmental Value
  • Economic Value

However, Vinte is committed to carry out a materiality study in 2018 to validate the topics that are already covered in this report, and well, add more information about these if necessary

For the quality of this report, we followed the GRI Reporting Principles: