Social Impact

Team Vinte
This material references Disclosures 102-7, 102-8, 102-16 and 102-41 of GRI 102: General Disclosures 2016, Disclosures 401-1 and 401-2 of GRI 401: Employment and Disclosure 408-1 of GRI 405: Child Labor

The number of employees in Vinte varies depending on the workload required in each location, at yearend 2017, the Company had a workforce composed as follows:

Collective Agreements

The geographical distribution of the staff by gender is presented below:

The administrative staff carry out signifiant operations and necessary activities for the development of the Company’s integral communities.

Historically, Vinte has established friendly relations with its collaborators, therefore there has never been a labor strike.

Over time, the number of administrative employees of Vinte has shown an upward trend, as a result of the Company’s higher growth:

The previous labor relationships were achieved through seeking the personal growth of our collaborators, through:

Employment benefits

  • Working day of 45 hours a week
  • Social security and INFONAVIT benefis
  • Vacations not less than 6 days at the end of the working year
  • Vacation bonus of 25% on the days of the holiday period
  • Statutory non-labor days
  • Christmas bonus corresponding to 15 days of salary
  • ESPS

Benefits for the administrative staff

  • Loyalty bonus, payable at the same time as the vacation bonus
  • Annual reward bonus corresponding to 15 days of salary, payable at the same time as the Christmas bonus
  • Vouchers for groceries equal to 11.11% of the employee’s salary
  • In December, a turkey or an amount equivalent to its value is given to each collaborator
  • Savings fund of 5% salary
  • Annual performance bonuses
  • Flexible working hours for studies in special cases
  • Work permit for accidents, serious illness or death of a close relative by blood or marriage (parents, siblings, children or spouse), maximum 5 days
  • Permits for special care and attention of minor children, maximum 3 days
  • Additional non-working days: Holy Thursday and Good Friday, May 10, December 24 and 31

Parental permits

  • Maternity leave, 45 days before and 45 days after
  • Adoption leave, 5 days
  • Breastfeeding period leave for up to 6 months in 2 half-hour extraordinary rest periods per day
  • 5-day parental leave by birth or adoption

Additionally, if a signifiant change in the operation occurs, and, seeking the best interests of its employees, Vinte will notify them of such action with suffiient time in advance.

In adherence to the Company policies and with the objective of not interfering with the education of minors and not generating a negative social impact, Vinte does not employ minors under 18 years for any type of work.

All Vinte employees follow the Company’s values day by day:



We are visionary and creative, we pave our way defying the conventional, our dreams inspire change for the benefi for all and the environment.



Unity is strength; we develop integrated communities, we promote solidarity; and we generate satisfaction and happiness.



We want to make history through our day-to-day effort, creating shared value.



We are committed, we act with determination, we put the highest attention to every detail, and we focus on meeting the real needs of our clients.

This material references Disclosure 403-2 of GRI 403: Occupational health and safety

No fatal accidents or any other that has affected vital parts of a worker have been reported

As for minor accidents and other events, these are broken-down as follows:

Minor Accidents

Total Minor Accidents
Number of employees

  • Laboral Accident
  • Commuting Accident
  • Primary care

By geographical area, accidents and disabilities are broken-down as follows:

Training programs and campaigns
This material references Disclosures 404-01 and 404-02 of GRI 404: Training and Education, Disclosure 410-1 of GRI 410: Security Practices, and Disclosure 412-2 of GRI 412: Human Rights Assessment

Every employee of the Company has the right to participate in training sessions organized for their area or department that seek to develop their skills and / or competencies

The Organization implements diverse programs for the education of employees regarding health and safety at work, including fist aid, fiefihting, evacuation, PrevenIMSS campaigns, vaccination and among others.

1The 382 participants took each of the training sessions

2,365 Participants
(Including 2017 new personnel)

Multifunctional Brigades2

Campaign Programs

2The multifunctional brigades are carried out by the Civil Protection Committee at each Development

Vinte supports its executives with time and fiancially in the training and improvement of skills and abilities, so that they fully develop their managerial potential within the group.

The above is done through certifiate programs, postgraduate programs, master’s degrees and / or ad-hoc programs to the activities of the collaborator.

2,365 Participants
(including 2017 new employees)

Education in Vinte Communities
This material references Disclosure 413-1 of GRI 413: Local Communities 2016

The schools within or close to Vinte’s developments perform well above the municipality average.1

Tecamac, State of Mexico

The school in Real Verona development has its best performance in five years after the construction if the project
The closest school, whether within or outside the development, is considered.

Solidaridad, Quintana Roo

The two elementary schools closet to the Real Ibiza development has a very positive performance compared to the area.

Pachuca, Hidalgo

For some years, the school in the Real Madeira development had a sub-par performance compared to the municipality's average.

Atotonilco de Tula, Hidalgo

El Marqués, Querétaro

Safety regulations
This material references Disclosure 403-2-1 of GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2016

We have the Specifi Civil Protection Program, aimed at protecting the health and safety of people who work, live or are passing through within the Real Granada development, located in Tecamac, Edo de México.

In this sense, the regulatory requirements on safety and health that are 100% complied with are:

Safety Regulations
Number Title
NOM-001-STPS-2008 Buildings, premises and facilities
NOM-002-STPS-2010 Fire prevention and protection
NOM-004-STPS-1999 Systems and safety devices in machinery
NOM-005-STPS-1998 Handling, transport and storage of dangerous substances
NOM-006-STPS-2014 Handling and storage of materials
Health Regulations
Number Title
NOM-010-STPS-1999 Pollutants by chemical substances
NOM-011-STPS-2001 Noise
NOM-024-STPS-2001 Vibrations
Organizational Regulations
Number Title
NOM-017-STPS-2008 Personal protective equipmentl
NOM-018-STPS-2000 Identifiation of hazards and risks from chemical substances
NOM-019-STPS-2011 Safety and hygiene commissions
NOM-026-STPS-2008 Colors and safety signals
NOM-028-STPS-2012 Safety in processes and equipment with chemical substances
NOM-030-STPS-2009 Preventive safety and health services
NOM-007-STPS-2000 Agricultural facilities, machinery, equipment and tools
NOM-031-STPS-2011 Building