Environmental Impact

Vinte permanently implements a comprehensive management program regarding environmental, social, health and safety aspects related to the operations of the Company and its Subsidiaries. This program incorporates the timely monitoring of all the environmental and social guidelines applicable to the acquisition of the Company’s land bank, as well as the design, construction and sale of its homes

Vinte Viviendas Integrales is a company engaged to the development of Affordable Entry-Level, MiddleIncome and Residential housing within the framework of a productive process that minimizes the social and environmental impacts of all its real estate projects.


In our developments, we implement advanced technologies that optimize water-use effiiency, as one example of the Company’s success in this context we have the Real Navarra development:


Vinte offers solutions that reduce the consumption of water in its developments, as is the case of Privada Cadiar:



The Company carefully selects all inputs including materials, labor, tools and equipment according to the needs of the project and the availability of supplies in the area, as well as the analysis of prevailing conditions in the environment, both external and internal to the development in question, as well as the weighting of home sales that can be generated by the use of a particular system or material.

To guarantee the identity of Vinte’s developments and the uniformity in the quality control of materials in all business lines, the Company has entered into commercial agreements with the most important brands of the main suppliers of raw materials, such as:


  • Ready-mix concrete of different strengths and characteristics.

Industrial Bloquera Mexicana

  • Blocks of different sizes and specifiations.


  • Systems of panels for construction.


  • Hydrosanitary facilities contractor.


The homes of our communities are equipped with ecotechnologies such as energy saving lamps, ecological WC, tankless water heaters, among others, which allows our clients to have monthly savings in the payment of electricity, water and gas.

As part of the commitment that Vinte has with the protection of the environment, the Company has achieved effiiencies in energy savings within its developments, such as the case of Privada Cadiar with the following solutions:



Vinte has included in its System of Social and Environmental Management the so-called “Procedures in Cases of Fortuitous Findings”, in order to include the interests of archaeological and historical conservation as integral elements of the planning and construction of all its developments. Therefore, the Company here recognizes the responsibility of locating, designing and constructing real estate projects in a way that seeks conservation and management of cultural property

The procedure called “Procedures in Cases of Fortuitous Findings” is based on the following documents that are adopted as legal instruments to safeguard the cultural heritage of the United Mexican States: