Integrated Communities

A key element for the success of our business is the commitment to develop a concept of integral communities that allow its residents to enjoy a higher quality of life. The Company estimates that around 50% of its sales are generated from the recommendation of a Client, reducing, additionally, the Company’s marketing costs. This is achieved through offering key differentiators such as integral designs, equipment and amenities superior to those of its competitors, as well as a post-sales service focused on the promotion and development of life in community. Those aspects are presented in detail below:



Vinte has specialists in architectural design and urban planning, which aim to design attractive developments that by their characteristics enhances access to a higher quality of life for all residents. These developments include educational, sports and commercial facilities strategically located. All models have high-quality architectural elements and even the possibility in some cases to expand or modify their homes under certain guidelines.

Equipment and Amenities:

The Company offers innovative and high-quality products in its developments, such as security cameras, controlled access, telemetry (realtime measurement of electricity, gas and water consumption), solar panels, computers and internet.

Promotion of Life in Community:

The Company provides this service in all the markets where it operates with the objective of maintaining the quality of life and sense of community within the development, integrating the parameters for the conservation of housing image, social integration and community development. Additionally, Vinte has assumed the commitment to deliver the home, impart customer induction courses and control the quality of the development. This is a key factor that enable us to create communities that increase in value over time and sustain our price strategy

Likewise, this model has led Vinte to win eight national housing awards such as the Sustainable Housing Development Award and the Affordable Entry-Level Housing Award, two regional awards, including the Quintana Roo State Development and Housing Award, and four international awards such as the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Leaders Award in Japan.

This value-added is a benefi for all the parties involved with Vinte throughout the development and sale process: the homeowner, the government and society, the fiancial institutions with which Vinte has subscribed credit lines, and Vinte for the aforementioned recommendations and brand recognition


The foregoing is reflcted in the average historical annual home price appreciation between 5.0% and 9.3% during the last 14 years that Vinte generates for the homeowners.