Code of Ethics

Vinte is recognized in the Mexican housing sector as a company with a close monitoring of ethics throughout the business value chain; this includes relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers, fiancial institutions, government authorities and society

Vinte’s Code of Ethics, Purpose and Values constitutes the reference framework that guides the actions of all the people who form part of the Company. The Code of Ethics of Vinte contemplates the following aspects:

  • Enforcement of Laws
  • Conflcts of Interest
  • Relationship with the Client
  • Marketing and Adversity
  • Relationship with the Community
  • Relationship with Suppliers
  • Fair Competition
  • Environment
  • Safety and Hygiene
  • Acquisition of Land
  • Fortuitous Findings of Culture
  • Relationship with Authorities
  • Anti-corruption
  • Confiential Information
  • Utilization of Corporate Position

Every collaborator of the organization must notify the manager and / or director of the corresponding area when observing / witnessing the violation of any principle of the Code of Ethics or when being in some of the previously mentioned situations, either directly or indirectly through the Administration and Human Capital Department or anonymously leaving a voice message in the Vinte Ethics Line that has been put into service for these purposes.

2017 Reports in Ethics Line